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A Tribute to My Mother

Every day is a fresh day with the thoughts of my mother. She brought me up through thick and thin and till this day, I stand strong and say that it is all because of her that I have grown to be who I am today. Ruth is her name, the woman filled with wisdom and endurance

I wish to share some of the most touching things that my mother taught me, and to this day, I still reap the fruits of the great deed she assisted me in.

To start with, I was brought up in a family that feared God and my father was a pastor in one of the upcoming churches at home.

Mother had to play the role of two parents while my father was away teaching the gospel.

She taught me to fear the creator and obey the commandments. I grew up knowing that this was the ultimate goal to see me through in life. I am proud that even today, all my religious beliefs were grounded from my mother. She is a lily in the valley, beautiful every day with wise words that not every person would have done it.

Mummy taught me to stand strong even on trouble. I remember very well when she lost her sister and was left to take care of my cousins; she could endure suffering, lack of school fees for all of us but her strength kept us going. She could rise early in the morning, till the garden and manage to get some food for us. Though it was not enough to feed us, she still endured as ensured we had a bite.

Whenever I share this with my sons, I ensure that I bring them up in the way of enduring hardships and letting them know that life is not paced on a silver platter, but one got to work hard for it.

The other most important factor is responsible. Having been the first born child in a family of eight, she taught me to take care of her siblings. At times she grew weak in her body, could not go out for her daily duties, but since she imparted me with responsibility at a tender age, I grew up knowing that I am a second mother and my siblings should never suffer when I am alive. To date, I have extended this responsibility to my children, and I have watched them grow to become responsible adults as I release them to the world.

The responsibility she put me in helped me to make decisions which determined my future including my friends, the career I am in today and the fear of God in my life.

All this credit is bestowed on my dear mother, Ruth.

Whenever I see disobedient children, I remember my strict mother who could never allow me to stray with the wrong company. I remember very well in my teenage years, she could advise of the good friends and who to avoid. Most of those friends that I detached with from her advice did not go far, but I excelled to those who obeyed their parents and had respect for the elderly.

I would write ten thousand words of praise to my mother, and wherever you are Mom, I still love you, I need more advise from you and pray to God that you remain safe even in your old age.



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