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My Best Friend Bob

A lot of times we don’t appreciate people who are there for us throughout our lives because we often feel like we deserve their kindness. We need to appreciate these people and forever show them gratitude because, well, aren’t they just heaven sent? That is why I am writing this tribute to my best friend, Bob.

We have been friends for 3 years now and it all started when we were freshmen in campus and look at us now, we are finalists! Our friendship has grown stronger every day and I am happy to refer you to as my best friend.

You took your time to understand me and learn the kind of a person I am, defended me like your own and showed me love in many ways. You might even do little things for me not knowing how much they mean to me. I want you to know that spending time with you takes me to a place where I feel safe and at home.

Bob, I have learned to open up to you like I wouldn’t with anyone and you’ve listened and given the best pieces of advice and I am grateful for that.

You always tell me that this friendship will last all our lifetime. That is exactly how long I want it to last because I can’t imagine a life without you. You are way too precious to lose so I am ready to keep you forever! You might not understand but you have taught me things that I couldn’t teach myself: I have learned compassion, forgiveness, independence, and how to fight for myself.

“The man in the portrait.” Remember these words? The phrase may not be the same way you said it sometime back but yes, you are my person of interest.

I don’t know what happened to those letters we used to write each other because I’d love it if we went back to writing them. Through them you would express feelings so deep and I would feel connected to you in some kind of way.

One sure thing I know about you is that you are a fighter and a go getter. Once you put your mind into doing something then you just go ahead and do it and you never give up without a fight and that is one of the most attractive traits you have. Honestly, I want to see you achieve your goals and live the life that you’ve always wanted, the one that deep down you’ve always imagined for yourself. I know you have quite big dreams and slowly by slowly you are going to get there! Also don’t forget to travel the world and quench your adventure thirst.

There are a lot of things that I’d love to share with you but don’t know how to, I sometimes lack the words to express how I feel. Most importantly, I want you to know that I truly love you and that you are a very special friend. I will never consciously let anything happen to our friendship and I am almost sure that that is mutual.

Always remember that this friendship is not like any other type of friendship and we are peculiar in our own special and good way.

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