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Oliver Smith 8 Years Old - Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Oliver!

Eight years old already  - wow!

Another great year and you have done so much and shown so many talents.  

You are an incredible actor - and I don't know where you get that from? your parents don't have that gift.

And you have a special charm with women... they all fall in love with you :)  in St Tropez you were the darling of a Russian lady and I could not believe how you flirted with her!!

You had to be there to see it. Oliver you are one special young man!


Now I hope that you will grow up to be a charming good guy like James Bond....


and not a bad guy like Jaws.


And with your talent for languages you might become the next Charles Dickens

You are also incredibly strong.. I don't know how you can carry such heavy things. Incredible. Perhaps you will be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.?



I love you so much. You are a wonderful, kind, affectionate boy and you always take care of other children, people and animals.

You are a wonderful son. I could not wish for more.

Your proud Papa.


Oliver Smith
4 years ago
Kiss and Oliver With Balu
4 years ago
Oliver is the best!

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