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Wishing you all the best for the future


Sir Ian
1 year ago
And then one day you find eight years have got behind you...

... thought I'd something more to say
1 year ago
Hi Peter
I appreciate your technical expertise and got to say your passion for coding is pretty infectious.
I am glad our paths crossed and wish you the very best for the future.
1 year ago
Goodbye and good luck on your new journey Peter!
It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you,
I will miss your in-depth expertise as well as arguments in discussions.
1 year ago
Hi Peter,
It's a shock that you are leaving TLS and especially leaving TLJ, but sometimes we have move along with the consequences of different situations. I hope you still love working for TLS and I hope our paths cross and we meet each other, till then all the very best.
1 year ago
Peter, your tech knowledge and passion for coding have inspired the team on many levels. Thanks for challenging conversations, providing your point of view that was always insightful and made me rethink or consider perspectives other than my ingrown ones. All the best in your future endeavors, may the software winds guide your boat through the ocean of perspectives outside of CS. All aboard!
1 year ago
Dear Peter,
You are gem of a person I must say. First time ever in my life, I met someone who takes along his personal laptop on a Thailand trip just because he loves to code while sitting on a beach.
I am going to miss our controversial discussions(sometime gossips) over coffee breaks and lunch hours :P
Wish you all the very best for your new role.
1 year ago
I remember it was a wintery February morning in 2015 when you arrived in the TLS team. Marcelo put you to work on our only Java component at that time - the infamous TLS front end (this was pre-Jap days) where you learnt how a code base can have too many design patterns (must everything have a decorator?). I believe it was a Host-Toff-Corba Koda change for your baptism of fire.

It has been great working with you, always having insightful views (sometimes controversial), which we will really miss.

My daughter suggested a leaving present for you: a case of blue pens (Peter's fondness of the colour black is famous in case anybody was wondering)

Good luck with your new position!
1 year ago
Dear Peter,
Its been a pleasure working with you and having the opportunity to learn so much from you.
Your love of coding is inspiring as is your willingness to share knowledge!
I always enjoyed our chats and discussions and your unique way of looking at a topic, you asked thought provoking questions.
Wishing you all the best in your next role and future!
Take care
1 year ago
Hi Peter
You shared really a LOT of knowledge, you're always available to help your teammates and your passion in programming is really inspiring.
Thanks for everything and good luck in the new job
1 year ago
Hi Peter, It seems the bank couldn't handle us leaving! :D
I really appreciate all your help and guidance with work and Swiss-related matters. Your passion for programming is truly inspiring and I really hope you will enjoy your new job. Keep in touch :)
Jeevan Lingappa
1 year ago
Dear Peter

I am very lucky to start my TLS journey with you as a Scrum Master.
You are the one who thought me, How to value a fraction of second(Wheel click)
I have learnt many good things from you and i will keep them for my life.
I would really miss informative and productive coffe breaks with you.
Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a banana.

I wish you all the success on your future assignments.

Pawel K.
1 year ago
Hi Peter. You're good, very GOOD! It was a pleasure working with you - whenever I needed help I received it, whenever I wanted to learn about something you always explain that to me in an understandable way. Hope we'll meet in future (in a perfect Scrum environment ;D)!
Jackie Ungerer
1 year ago
Thanks Peter for the many hours of personal time you sacrificed to teach and grow others. It has been wonderful to have collaborated (and competed) with you and I have enjoyed our conversations and your exceptional presentations. Your passion for coding and problem solving is infectious and I do hope our paths may cross again.
James Smith
1 year ago
Dear Peter, it was a pleasure to work with you. You were always professional, whether as Scrum Master, Developer or contributing to the Agile development of the team. Good luck for the future!
Matthias Bue
1 year ago
Hi Peter, I very much acknowledge how much you did for TLS/TMC not only as a very stringent developer but also as a ScrumMaster bringing our agile view to new levels. Like David you made me rethinking my thoughts as well and it was a pleasure and challenge to discuss with you.
1 year ago
Peter, it was a pleasure working with you. You made me challenge my thoughts and approach every day in my work and I thank you for that.
That's all folks! Wishing you a successful future.

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