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Purity in Virginity

I will remember you Pitch, not because you were perfect but because you gave me insight, you gave me hope; One that every man and woman out there needs to have and to give. We need not condemn our past or exalt our innocence.

After I was raped, I lived for long with low self esteem. Topics to do with love, marriage and virtues depressed me and made me feel worthless. After some months of isolation, I made a friend. One who changed my view of life and myself. She didn't live long but she lived enough to watch me grow out of my cocoon into the lady I am today. Her name was Purity Pitch.

Some people condemn others of their early sexual encounters. They do this because they claim to have managed to stay virgins for the long they have. Are they Justified, is it their lack of compassion and understanding or is it that they lack the chance to execute that which they condemn others for?! Not Purity Pitch.

Purity is the one thing we all want others to perceive in us. Our actions have to be modest, acceptable and admirable. Our conduct is most often dictated by the people around us. Not with Pitch.

Pitch was my friend. She liked talking about life and its uniqueness in each individual. She was the definition of sincere optimism and witty thoughtfulness. One of the things I remember most about her was the thought she once shared with me, changing the course of my life for good: VIRGINITY.

Yes, the V word. Maybe you have never physically got intimate with a woman or a man, maybe it was just a smooch, a kiss or a romantic cuddly night. Maybe you have done all these and more. Does it really matter? Here is the thing: VIRGINITY IS JUST NOT ENOUGH.

We have done as much as we have thought, the only difference is that there are no witnesses for the things we do in our thoughts other than the Lord and ourselves. We defile ourselves when we entertain thoughts that we can't confidently execute. These thoughts are not independent, they are nurtured through every scene we watch, places we go and words we hear.

This implies that in our words and actions, we feed others either for good or bad. It also means that the kind of people and things we allow in our lives affect the purity of our thoughts by influencing us towards a certain direction. The movies we watch, the music we listen to, the people we surround ourselves with...

It's not just the hymen; it’s not just the masculine newness. It’s the full package that gives meaning to virginity and virgins. WITHOUT PURITY, VIRGINITY LOOSES ITS VALUE. Our thoughts soon become our words, then actions, traits and eventually character; all of which define one's purity.

VIRGINITY IS A LIFE DECISION, it is the choices we make on a daily basis. It is the choice to avoid bad influence and to be a good influence. Virginity is a subset of purity without which its value is equal to vanity of vanities; a good surface beneath which is an undesirable character.

Whether it was rape, a bad decision for premarital sex, peer influence, whether you are still physically a virgin...whatever it is. As long as you are still alive, you have a chance to choose again. You can choose Purity and add value to your physical virginity; you can choose purity and exalt your secondary physical virginity.

Virginity is character, it is a way of life, and it is getting intimate within the right a marital context.

Virginity is gone in a night but purity lives to testify to your strength of thought for eternity.

Stop the pretending, set aside the pointing of fingers, take pride in being a PURE VIRGIN, let your character speak for you.



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