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Thank You For Existing

Sometimes, you meet people who provide you a safe, compassionate space to communicate your thoughts and feelings, which results in an incredibly healthy relationship. Other times, you might accidentally come across those, who do everything in their own power to bring you down, celebrate your failures, and exude negativity. You can not always get your way, or else, life would just be too easy, and moderately boring.

Take time today to reflect on the individuals, who continue to spend mindless hours tearing you down, even after years of being apart of your life. These are the people who you should thank today for reminding what you do not want in relationships, how toxic their existence in your life is, and the fact that these people are the people who continue to motivate you everyday to live a little larger.

Today, I would like to tribute, Samuel Otto Silkworth, an individual who has placed unlimited amounts of fear into my life, for the last four years. To this day, he continues to make exceptional efforts to go out of his way to make my days subpar. From time-to-time, he is successful in his feats. Today, however, he will not be.

After about four years, I am beginning to realize how much Samuel Otto Silkworth has heped shaped me into the sexy, strong and controversial woman that I am. In fact, my personal growth, that occurred over the last year, was as a result of his toxic existence in my life.

These toxic individuals do teach you something, as they are the continual reminders that life is a constant battlefield, and in order to make it in this world, you need to be able to overcome your fears, and continue to keep fighting the good battle.

Continue to teach yourself self-love and challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone, despite the fear. I've learned to conquer my anxiety, by in turn, and simulatenously, appreciating the good people that I have around me, who do everything that Samuel Otto Silkworth has never done.

Remember that these people are the people who ultimately shape your own character, self-worth, and do not continue to let them dictate your life and your self-worth.


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