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To My Best Friend - Disney

Hey Disney, my dear friend.

This is our fourth Friendversary. Although it may not sound like we know each other that long and we are often apart, but it does feel like we know each other very well.

We first met in college, when we were still rather immature. Back then our main goal was just to study, have good grades and proceed to university. It was tough, considering the intensive nature of the program. But, we survived. That 9-month program was really tough, but at the end of the program, I realize that we have grown in terms of knowledge and mentality.

You used to be the best company for me, whenever I felt unconfident and doubtful about my skills. I truly appreciate how you pointed out the fact that I can achieve anything I want if I stop caring that much about others’ view. Your companionship and encouragement really gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try new experiences. Without you, I would still be the nerd that has problem talking to others. Without you, I would not have so many exciting experiences in life. Without you, I would not be able to endure through the hurdles in life.

Currently, we are both fighting for our future. You are pursuing your dream in the film industry while I am working hard for mine in psychology. The path to our dreams could be challenging at times especially when we first came to this new place. We serve as each other’s support. You are always there whenever I need someone to talk to. We would spend an hour or two texting about life and feel recharged after the conversation.  

I have so much to write to you. We have lots of memories together. We understand each other’s needs without having to saying it out explicitly. You will not look down on me whenever I go out with a budget in mind, since you understand the challenge of living on a tight budget. I feel free and relaxed in our interaction since there is no need to put on a mask and act perfect.

It has been four years since we knew each other. I hope that our friendship will remain as we progress in life. I also wish you all the best in life and always have that smile on your face.


Thanks, Disney.

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