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To our furry soulmates - cats

Cats are the most amazing companions one could ever wish for. I have never achieved such a close and special bond with any other animal as I did with my cats. They are very independent and proud animals, and they immediately make you understand that they don’t need you in their lives (as dogs might, for example). But their apparent coldness is what makes their love seem all the more special and important. A cat’s love is genuine – they don’t love you to get things for you, and they don’t warm up to you immediately. But once you’ve earned their trust, you can be sure their love was meant to last.

If you are a cat owner, you might have noticed how cats seem to immediately know when you are in pain and nestle themselves near to where it hurts. This happens to me very often when I get a bad backache and I lie down in my bed, my cat comes with me and pushes herself against the area where it hurts the most and falls asleep purring.  Sometimes a little love is more efficient than painkillers!

Moreover, there have been times when my cats saw me crying and came to comfort me, meowing and purring, trying to draw my attention and make me feel better. 

I am very thankful to my cats for always watching over me as I watch over them, and being the most awesome cuddling companions!


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